Before and After: 4 Smalls Transformations of My Home That Made The Difference

We all aspire to transform our ordinary living spaces into our dream homes. It could be anything, from having a spacious room to having a glistening kitchen. Thanks to the world of interior design and DIY, it has become possible to transform your ordinary space into something you have always desired. To give you a glimpse of some small transformations, we have rounded up some of the before and after home renovations that will inspire you to recreate your own dream home.

1) The Entryway Makeover:

Upon entering my house, my attention was immediately drawn to an unsightly white tile in the entryway. Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the elegance of white, but this particular tile just didn’t vibe with me at all! It was time for a change. Luckily, I had some peel-and-stick white and black tiles tucked away from a couple of years ago when I had plans to upgrade our previous space. Unfortunately, we were only renting at that time, so the project was put on hold. But now, with a quick plan forming in my head and plenty of Pinterest inspiration, I was ready to tackle the challenge. With the help of my husband, the process was almost a piece of cake. Well, almost. Assembling, cutting the tiles, and removing the mirror and shelf from the entrance built-in closet proved to be no joke. But we persevered! And now, behold! Our entryway boasts a modern aesthetic that immediately captures the attention of any visitor stepping into our home. The best part? We achieved this stunning transformation without breaking the bank.

2) The Bathroom Spa Inspiration :

Remodeling the bathroom can be a daunting task, but with careful execution, it can be transformed into a luxurious retreat. I envision creating a cozy spa-inspired ambience, incorporating lavish elements like black accents and wooden textures. With the goal of keeping things simple, I aim to meet our current needs while adding a touch of elegance. Don’t worry, I’m dedicated to making improvements along the way, but for now, this will work perfectly fine!

3) Give a character to a random white wall:

So, here’s the deal: black is my go-to when it’s time to add some character, luxury, or an interesting touch to a house. Some might call it “risky,” but trust me, great things can come from taking risks. Now, let’s talk about this plain, boring white wall in the hallway. I decided to use the leftover paint from the entryway and a wallpaper I bought for another DIY project to create something that I personally find super cool. Obviously, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but who cares, right?

4) The Ultimate Outdoor Makeover

Who says makeovers are just for indoors? Outdoor makeovers can be just as impressive and fun! Sprucing up the landscape, adding a fire pit, laying a fresh patio, and throwing in some outdoor seating can truly transform your backyard into a chill oasis. Of course, we didn’t do all the changes at once because let’s face it, landscaping expenses can be no joke. We got some help from a landscaper since our backyard was a hot mess and we couldn’t find the time to tackle it all ourselves. But if you’re up for it, taking a deep breath and giving it a DIY shot can definitely save you some $$$.

In summary, transforming a seemingly daunting renovation project into your home isn’t as impossible as you might think. We hope these ideas inspire you to embark on a makeover project of your own. Don’t forget, this is a step by step process. Whether you have a large or small budget, these before and after examples demonstrate that a little creativity can go a long way in terms of beauty and functionality in your home.

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